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Past performance has a hell of a lot to do with future returns

Take a look back.

Well, on one thing, Bush is right- personally capturing bin Laden isn't important. What is important is gathering intelligence, and following the money trail to dismantle his network.

John Kerry has a proven history of skill in utilizing this method to destroy both international terrorism and international crime. Look up the investigation of BCCI for proof of this.

George W Bush, on the other hand, believes that there is a country called terror and an army called terrorists, and if we kill the enemy army, we get victory points and win the game. I have heard this referred to as the "lump of terror fallacy" in some places. Essentially, that there is a finite amount of terrorist threat in the world, and we can tie it all up in one place and disable it.

Bush's prime criticism of Kerry simply mirrors his own inadequacy in fighting terrorism- he says that Kerry's idea, which is the right one, is not as good as his, which is the wrong idea, unsuited to this new threat.

This is patently ridiculous- the way we fight terrorists is the way that's been proven to work. Intelligence and detective work. Bush has made a mockery of our intelligence agencies and insists that indiscriminate smashing is the way to solve a delicate problem.

Such an august personage as Vice President Cheney has stated that if America makes the wrong choice in November, we will be attacked in a crippling manner. I agree completely- if George W. Bush is re-elected, the inability for our country's top leadership to grasp these basic strategic truths will end up harming us grievously.

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