Perianwyr Stormcrow (tenebrion) wrote,
Perianwyr Stormcrow

Hell of a show

I went to see the Cruxshadows at Nation last night. They were touring with The Azoic and Icon of Coil, all of whom put on a great show- but of course, if you've ever seen a Cruxshadows show, you know that they put on an amazing live act. Last night was no exception.

Rogue did his standard walking around in the crowd bit, engaging the audience directly. He ended up on my side of the the crowd during the last bit of Winter Born, and he sang the last part of the chorus together with me, looking right into my eyes, with his hand on my shoulder. I have no doubt that he created many such moments that night, and that is most likely the reason that he walks among the crowd.

Later, in sort of a reversal of the previous, Rogue started pulling people up out of the crowd to dance on the stage. Being at the edge of the stage myself, I let him pull me right up along with the others. I've danced on the floor stages in clubs before, but never with a live band playing. I didn't feel a bit self-conscious, even though there was a massive crowd below me. The audience and the art felt truly integrated.

It's situations like this that are the reason why people go to concerts, and the Cruxshadows are definitely worth expending significant effort to see- and the smaller the club, honestly, the better. I've seen them a few times before, and in very small Baltimore clubs, such as the Depot and the Sidebar, the effect I mention above is even greater than in the huge, international-act scale stage of Nation.

Tour dates are here, if they pass through your area, be sure to make it...

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